March 8th International Women’s Day, A special day!

Ambient Hotel invites you to celebrate the 106th anniversary of International Women’s Day, a day celebrating the struggle for emancipation, equal rights with men, better working conditions and the right to vote of all women around the world.

To fully enjoy this unique day, we suggest all girls to visit Brasov, a city of story, and we will provide the most comfortable rooms and our restaurant to pamper your senses with the most delicious dishes. To relax before the big girls party, we propose to leave youself in the hands of our professional masseur in our wellness center.

The History of International Women’s Day.

In August and September 1910, the Congress of the Second Socialist International in Copenhagen, Clara Zetkin supported by Rosa Luxemburg, suggests the establishment of an international day of women, but does not establish a specific date.

Together with her friend, the Jewish Jew Rosa Luxemburg, Zetkin was one of the most prominent figures of the Spartakusbund League, left-wing of the German Social-Democratic Party, which broke up in 1918 and forms the German Communist Party. Exiled again, Clara Zetkin fled to the Soviet Union, where she died in 1933. Her ashes buried near the wall of the Kremlin next to the remains of Stalin, Suslov, Kalinin, Brezhnev or Andropov.

Born in 1857, Zetkin is a German Marxist and feminist activist, teacher and journalist. Exiled after Bismarck forbids the socialist movement, he arrives in Switzerland, the cradle of latent Bolshevism, where he meets the Russian revolutionary Osip Zetkin. She has adopted his surname, although she did not marry him.

The proposal of an International Women’s day by Clara Zetkin had two purposes, the confiscation of feminist demands (universal vote, equal pay, etc.) by the socialist movement, and counteract the influence of bourgeois feminists on women workers.

Recently, in 1977, the United Nations officially declared the International Day of Women’s Rights and International Peace. This, in a way, forced those countries that have not yet joined the celebration of women’s day, to do so.

We wish you a Happy March 8th and we are waiting for you with affection!

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