Let’s celebrate a Happy Easter together!

The Resurrection is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful celebrations of Christians, which we can enjoy every year.

For us it is a special celebration because Hotel Ambient was built with love for our family and this holiday gives us the opportunity every time to meet and celebrate the family, traditions and customs of Easter, with loved ones.

We are pleased to welcome you in these special days to share with us moments of happiness in the family.

Easter Offer

• buffet breakfast from 7am to 10am and on Sundays from 8am to 11am
traditional lunch or dinner in the date of 16.04.2017 (there are menus with lamb, veal or vegetarian)
• parking, daily in front of hotel & underground parking garage
• unlimited wireless internet access in every room & public areas
• Ambient Spa access (fitness, sauna, jacuzzi)
• increased value provided by our partners through Ambient Exclusive

More details

The red eggs will be present in the traditional meal of the Easter Day and the children and the adults will wait anxious to broke them.

Not so long ago, it was not accepted that the eggs have a color other than red, because the most famous legends of Romanian culture, who say that the Virgin, who went to mourn her crucified son, placed the basket with Eggs under the cross and reddened by the blood dripping from Jesus‘ wounds, but now things are different, mothers and children color the eggs with green, blue, yellow and other colors.

Another custom is to take the Holy Light. On the night of the resurrection, believers go to church to take light. All bring a candle, which they light from the candle that the father takes from the altar. Light is the Christian symbol of the resurrection.

At the end of the resurrection, the priest shares with everyone the Holy Easter and absolves the children.
The Lamb is the symbol of Jesus who sacrificed himself to save mankind. In Romania, traditional lamb food is served in the Easter Day prepared in different ways, but the most popular recipe is the Drob.

We look forward to celebrate together a special day, in which we will welcome you with Easter, identical to that of the mother or grandmother, to enjoy a few sweet moments.

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