1 May Labor Day and Braşov Days, Curiosities, Customs and History

Hotel Ambient invites you to Brasov to spend a memorable 1st May and celebrate with us both the Day of Labor and the Days of Brasov, which will surely leave you pleasantly impressed.

We offer you our restful rooms, selected dishes that you can enjoy in our Restaurant and we will accompany you every moment to have an unforgettable experience in this dreamy city with beautiful ancient customs.

After the downhill ride of Junilor Brasovului in the fortress yesterday, the party is not over and will continue today. You will be able to admire the streets of the old center of Brasov that each has a theme: in one you can taste Romanian wines and handmade beer, on other food and coffee, and in the Council Square you can admire the craftsmen.

We all know that 1 May, Labor Day is not celebrated through work, it is the day when people around the world are free. This is due to the victory gained on May 1, 1872 by hundreds of thousands of workers in New York, most of them in the construction industry, who took to the streets to demand that their hours be reduced to eight with the same salary.

This event was followed by the strike of about sixty-five thousand workers in Chicago’s Heymarket Square, who struggled with the police, battle that resulted with more casualties. 17 years later, in 1889, the Socialist International Congress decreed 1st May as the International Labor Day in memory of the victims of the Chicago general strike. Since then, May 1 is celebrated every year.

In Romania, this day was celebrated for the first time by the Socialist Movement in 1890. The Labor Day was brought by King Carol II in 1890, but it grew only in the Communist era. The people were forced out of houses to express their “gratitude” in a festive atmosphere, to the “hero” represented by Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej and Nicolae Ceausescu. This day was marked by the great depictions of students, workers, peasants and intellectuals who honored the achievements of the Romanian Communist Party.

Starting in 1889, International Labor Day is celebrated on May 1 in more than 80 countries around the world, where trade unions are taking part in this occasion to make public their social or professional claims.

Ambient Team is waiting for you and wishes you a joyful 1st May!