Oktoberfest in Brasov

Celebration of the end of the summer or the beginning of fall bring with itself happiness and joy. We feel nostalgia through a summer Jazz festival, the tumult of the autumn atmosphere that comes with Oktober Fest, as for entertainment Brasov will welcome Strand up Comedy Fest.

The Jazz Festival at Bran Castle will be held between august 25-27 August and will take place as previous editions, in the inner court of the Bran Castle and the Evangelic Church Entrance. This year’s Edition will start with an exceptional concert by Svante Henryson-cello-piano, Jon Balke, Anders Jormin-bass and Audun Kleive: drums and percussion.

The second day of the festival brings in front of the audience a unique group-Michel Godard Quartet. We will hear a few music tools that match perfectly Bran.
Saturday will conclude with a concert that will not be forgotten: Richard Galliano Quartet, New Musette with Richard Galliano, accordion, Jean-Christophe Galliano on drums, Jean-Marie Ecay-guitar-bass and Lindsay Yaron.

Sunday, august 27, the last day of the festival, will perform: Vadim Neselovskyi and Arkady Shilkloper, and then, we will love to hear: Arild Andersen, Daniele Di Bonaventura, drummer and percussionist Paolo Vinaccia. For those who love Jazz music it will be a delight to join us.

Brasov would no longer be itself without a German Oktoberfest tradition. We adopted the authentic Bavarian style, German music, culinary specialties, Bavarian unfiltered beer, a tent decorated in blue and white, games with prizes.
Good food and happiness, represents a successful recipe of Oktoberfest. Bavarian lion crowned flag has become the emblem of the local Oktoberfest which in 2017 will fulfill nine years.

In this eleven days, Braşov is turning into a little Bavaria; we choose to see that in the view of the streets, the characters and the german style. It is an event that started to bring a plus for German community of Brașov and has grown to be a valuable addition to the city, to promote the traditions of Transylvanian Saxons in Bucharest and Timișoara also. Words like the famous “Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke Hoi Hoi Hoi” are no longer a novelty for the locals who wait impatiently for the onset of Brașov each year’s Oktoberfest!

Autumn leaves fall, rain begin, children returning to school and the birds are back in warm countries. Only stereotypes! In Brașov is happening something! A competition between the most playful comedians. The jury will be made of Teo, Sarboi and Bogdan Naomovici. Adi Bobo, winner of last year, will be back at the microphone but this time, as a presenter of the show and stand up guest.

In addition to the competition, the spectators will attend the Stand Up show with Gabriel Gherghe, Andrei Ciobanu, Raul Gheba, Teo, Costel, Toma și Adi Bobo.
Stand up Fest, will be held during September 16-18, 2017 at the Reduta Cultural Centre in Brasov. The event is organized by the cultural association, in partnership with Fanzin Reduta Cultural Centre and the municipality of Brasov.

So we have music, we have entertainment, we are the place to be.
Brasov and the Ambient team are wainting for you to. Be there!