Amural & Brasov, European Capital

The borderline between forest and city on medieval foundations but with digital tools, the mix between experience and conducting an experiment, making everything happen by stimulating sight and bringing emotion, a festival that connects people, say hello to AMURAL.

Being one of a kind in our country and taking place in Brasov, the festival is part of the official application for the title of European Capital. We are blessed with local museums, theatres and tourist attractions across all parts of our city, yet unfortunately Brasov does not sustain functional cultural infrastructure to be considered in the future.

Hopefully AMURAL grows every year with urban arts – video mapping (projections 3D), fine arts – illustration, photo, graphic design, film and animation, audio-video show- Nathan Fake (UK), Alex Smoke(UK), Baba Dochia(Cluj-Napoca). In addition, installations of light, concerts and special events will take place here. The projection will be visible also from Piata Sfatului, in order to attract the attention of the visitors.

During the day the public shall have access to the three permanent exhibitions in the White Tower, The Black Tower and the Gate Tower Ecaterina, two exhibitions-debate – Graphic Design which will appear in Gazeta de Transilvania – in collaboration with the Museum Muresenilor House.

Outdoor exhibition areas will be further extended and will open up activities to illustrate photography. Artists: Juno Calypso (UK), Ioana Cirlig (Romania)

At the beginning of the night, here will take place video-mapping on monuments. Video projections will be carried out on Saint Nicolas Church, on the wall of the citadel on the Black Tower and in many other places across the city.

During the day, through the forest, after the walls, students of classical music will surprise us with concerts, and each evening will conclude with live music.

For the first time since the beginning, here, will take place a play and a contemporary dance, both accompanied by screenings.
Play: iHamlet( Bucuresti), Dance troupe -Trupa Szigligeti (Oradea).

In 2016 we brought new artistic expression to AMURAL, Brasov met for the first time with the work of two painters with an authentic and edgy vision.
Artists: Victor Fota si Obie Platon ( RO)
Organizers are counting down the hours before opening AMURAL and are prepared to surprise you again.

As conclusion, this generation, the remix generation will believe that rules are there to create opportunities and the walls are objectives to cross.

Ambient Hotels support art in all of its forms and awaits you to attend at this important event!