Hotel Street Food

There is no love sincerer than the love of food

The idea of street food, it become very fashionable in recent years worldwide, and is actually very old in history. Since ancient Greece and reaching as far as China and Turkey, food sold on the street, had a long and interesting history. Today is undoubtedly a must-have for all cities and cultural centers, becoming part of the urban cultural landscape.

The second edition of Brasov Street Food Festival will take place this year between 24 and 28 at Brasov, after last year it was held in late August. The organizers have maintained the same location as last year, being satisfied with the way things were conducted.

Street Food Festival is a festival concept started in 2016 in Cluj-Napoca and continued in 9 cities with reliable partners. In 2017 the festival has enjoyed over 300,000 people with ingenious recipes and recreation managed to conquer the taste of the entire country. Revolution street food has had a significant impact at the community level through awareness of the need to help those disadvantaged or combat the food waste.

Because 2017 was a success organizers decided to extend the number of days dedicated to this culinary festival, up to four days of enjoyment tastes

Prices are for all pockets. The sandwiches are between 10 and 15 RON, burgers costs between 20 and 30 RON 25 RON paella is to cool and a portion 30 RON costs. Culinary offer is very diverse: you’ll find Street Food Festival Spanish cuisine, pasta, Chinese specialties, stakes, Bavarian food, burgers, pancakes, ice cream and lots of other goodies.

We’re already craving to hit the road on the begining of this new chapter. In 2017 we promised a revolution street food with partners and supporters of this festival and we succeeded. Thank you for trusting us and as a promise by 2018 we will not disappoint. We invite you to explore with us a new world where good food and relaxing atmosphere are commonplace. We will walk through 11 cities with the best chefs, bands and artists, interesting activities for adults and children and do culinary journey through the world using absolutely delicious recipes. We look forward to reveal more surprises, but until then we leave you guessing – Nely Borza, Project Manager Street Food Festival

Because Street Food Festival is more than great food we prepared a Festival stage, Outdoor Cinema, Kids Zone and Wine Garden.

We want you to get to Brasov, also you will find great acommodation in one of our units Ambient Hotels and participate in the festival.