Summer has come to Brașov!

The calendar and official start of the season this month is doubled by the relaxation of the restrictions and the reopening of all the places that make Brasov an ideal and complete holiday destination.

Since June, we have enjoyed access to the interiors of restaurants, the reopening of cinemas and performance halls and concerts. The terraces are full, the streets are lively and the whole city has an energy of new beginnings.

After more than a year of pandemic break, the artists from Brasov are waiting for you with open arms. You can find here a complete list of events in the city and our colleagues at the reception will help you with any details about the locations and the purchase of tickets

For those who want to explore the mountain, the buses that provide transport to Poiana Brașov have been supplemented so that it is even easier to visit the most famous mountain resort in Romania. Enjoy the fresh air and family walks, the forests and the countless leisure and entertainment options they offer – bicycle, shooting, go-karts, ATVs. And for the most adventurous, the cable cars work and the Postăvaru peak is an unmissable objective in your vacation in Brașov.

For the active ones, we recommend a walk-run on Tâmpa just 5 minutes from us. But for those who do not have time, our fitness center provides all guests with a gym with modern equipment that covers a complete workout. You have a treadmill, stationary bike and stepper for heating and equipment for all muscle groups.

And for a pleasant end to a perfect day, we are happy to announce that from this month the Spa Center within the hotel is again accessible to all our guests every day between 08.00 and 22.00.

Whether you are in the city for a walk or work, a jacuzzi bath, 15 minutes in the sauna or a massage at the end of a long day are welcome. Their health benefits have long been documented – pain relief, improved circulation, relaxation and much better general condition. Colleagues at the reception are at your disposal with all the information about appointments, rates and conditions.

And last but not least, for the relaxation in complete safety in all the Spa Center and the Ambient Hotel, the hygiene norms in force are implemented daily.

Come to Brașov for a carefree holiday!