1st December, National Day of Romania

Celebrate with us a day that we always celebrate with the loved ones!

1st December 1918 is the day that the desire of all Romanians to live free and united fulfilled. This year marks the 98th anniversary since the Romanian unitary national state was formed by the decision of the Grand National Assembly of Alba Iulia.

From a historical perspective, 1st December 1918, the National Assembly of Alba Iulia, consisting of 1,228 delegates and with the support of more than 100,000 Romanians from all parts of Transylvania, adopted a resolution for the union of all Romanians Transylvania, the Banat (between the rivers Mures, Tisa and Danube) and the country of Hungary (Crişana, Satmar and Maramures) with Romania.

The Great Union of 1918 was and remains the most sublime of Romanian history page. His greatness lies in the fact that national unity is not the work of any politician, of any government or party; belongs to the whole Romanian nation and was accomplished by the power of the depth of the consciousness of unity, a desire channeled by political leaders to guide wisely towards the desired goal. It is not the result of a military victory that will lay the foundation of the Great Romania, but the act of will of the Romanian nation to establish a national state.

A historical necessity – people who want to live in their own state – has been proved to be stronger than any government or party, guilty of selfishness or incompetence, getting, against all odds, to give life to his aspiration: The National State.

Each year to commemorate this date in all major cities take place military parades, cultural events and ceremonies with the occasion of this day, events that brings together the Romanians coming from everywhere.

1st December 1918 is therefore the struggle of Transylvanian Romanians for National Unity and marks the time of the creation of Greater Romania.

Ambient Group is honored to welcome you, as always, with open arms to celebrate together this special day in which we commemorate with pride that we are Romanians.

We are waiting for you with love!