Spring in Brașov

It’s spring in Brașov! The dearly missed sun is now tenderly caressing the city at the foot of Tâmpa and our beloved flying musicians are now returning to their nests. Winter seems to have stripped off its garments, but beauty always takes on new shapes.

In the city of the crown, along with nature’s rebirth, the spirit of the people also rises, and in the hearts of the ladies of Brașov happiness has flourished, because the local authorities offered them spring gifts and flowers on the first and 8th of March.

March 2019 brings to Brașov a large number of concerts such as:

Holograf on the 8th of March at the Sports Hall “Dumitru Popescu Colibaşi”. The band’s music has touched generations, their hits are soundtracks for the love stories of parents and children, a performance that every artist dreams about.

The premiere of Master Tudor Gheorghe’s new show, entitled “the Woman”, arrives in Brasov on March 11, 2019, at Teatrul Sică Alexandrescu, starting at 19:00. The artist has carefully selected his lyrics from the native poetic background and will offer women a priceless tribute, one which will also constitute a moralizing tool for men (on the firm but friendly tone of the Master) that will reveal the secret of a woman’s love.

Ovidiu Ioncu “Kempes” (born on August 18, 1966 in Arad) is the leader of “Kempes” band and the former vocalist of “Cargo” and “Rezident EX” bands. He will perform on March 15 in “Club Rockstadt”.

Amidst the grayness of our everyday existence, “Directia 5” brings joy once more in our lives with an extraordinary concert at the “Reduta Cultural Center” in Brașov: “În Culori” Thursday, 21 March, 19:30. The Romanian band, known for the most beautiful rock ballads, will put on a show this spring in which you can relive a first love’s emotion.

“Irina Rimes”, one of the most beautiful voices from the Republic of Moldova, arrives in Braşov on Saturday 22nd March in “Kruhnen Musik Halle”. Born in the Republic of Moldova, the singer has conquered all the music charts with her first single “Visele”.

“Delia” returns this spring, March 23 at 20:00, at the Sports Hall “D. P. Colibaşi ” in Brașov with an unforgettable show – “ACADELIA”. The content of this show can seriously harm people trying to live by fitness standards. The show may contain traces of irony, peach jam and seeds of truth.

Art lovers can quench their thirst at the “Ex-Libris Brâncuşi” exposition, an exposition that is an integral part of the symposium bearing the name of the famous artist. A manifestation that started in 2016, and will take place both on the territory of our country and abroad for a decade. The project is carried out by the Union of Fine Artists from Romania, the National University of Arts in Bucharest, West University of Timisoara – the Faculty of Fine Arts Arts and Design and “Ovidius” University of Constanta – Faculty of Arts, under the patronage of the National Commission of Romania for UNESCO, is bringing together the works of over 200 artists (graphic artists, painters, sculptors, ceramists, etc.) from Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova , Hungary, Serbia and Turkey, but also other cultural personalities.

The “ENTITLED” Exposition, presented in the “Reduta Cultural Center’s” foyer, 1st floor, between the 04 March – 04 April 2018, organized by “Rina Visual Artist” and the “Reduta Cultural Center”, awaits you to enjoy an exposition that has as a theme the redefinition of the female position in society.

The interactive flight exhibition “Flight”, organized at the Pedagogical Museum – Children’s Museum – Braşov, between 11.03.2019 – 23.06.2019, is a continuation of the “Aripi” project, held in 2017, in partnership with the “Casa Mureșenilor Museum” Brașov, funded by the AFCN. During the exposition, visitors will discover the history of aviation and learn about the physical principles of flight.

For fair lovers:
The “Brașov Real Estate Fair”, organized between the 14.03.2019 – 17.03.2019, is a notorious event on the Braşov market. The “TIB”, now in the XVIth edition, gathers all the major real estate developers in the area, real estate agents, design and construction companies, banks and specialist publications.

The “Libris Cultural Association” invites you to the sixteenth edition of the “Libris Book and Music Fair”, where culture is the host, and books and music maintain the atmosphere. From the 21 March 2019 until the 24 March, at the Transylvania University Hall, you can enjoy the latest editorial appearances and pamper yourself with music and poetry recitals.

The “Transylvania Tourism Fair” 22.03.2019 – 24.03.2019 held under the auspices of the “National Association of Tourism Agencies” in Romania (ANAT) is considered by specialists the best tourism event in the country. The organizers want this event to become the main “hub” for mountain tourism in Romania.

Excursion lovers can enjoy the countless tours of both the city and of the surroundings, or unforgettable adventures in nature, so conveniently organized by some Ambient’s collaborators.

Spring brings a lot of joy this year, which is why the city in the heart of the country awaits you with love, goodwill and a wonderful stay at any of the Ambient locations!