Halloween in Transylvania

How was born this celebration?

Halloween. The belief that spirits of the dead could sing through the body of someone alive was terrifying.
In fact, it seems that the ancient inhabitants of Britain and Ireland, often resorted to burning of those suspected of being possessed as a sign of warning the spirits.

On the eve of October 31, the Irish Celts built fires high in young oak branches which they considered sacred and made sacrifice ritual. At the same time, houses were kept cold
and people painted their faces to be confused with evil apparitions that haunt among them. The same ceremony was held in Scotland except that, Scots natives, thought they could read the future on these pyres.

The first changes occur on Celtic tradition when Roman invasion come to
Britain, with their imperial troops and latin beliefs.

Transylvania – the name itself is enough to send chills down the spine of even the most fearless traveler. Now imagine being there, in person, when the clock strikes midnight… on Halloween!

Romania ranks as one of Europe’s most charming and unexplored regions, stunning visitors with its Gothic architecture, charming forests and friendly people. But as idyllic as it is by day, the real fun happens at night —particularly Halloween, when all you need is a costume party.

If you happen to be in Romania at the end of October and you want to celebrate Halloween, we’ve made a list of special themed parties. All you have to do is choose a party, put on your costume, and have fun.

• Romania’s best Halloween destination must be Bran Castle (also known as Dracula’s Castle). Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) himself will be the host of this year’s Halloween party at the castle (according to the organizers), guiding the tourists and choosing the best costumes. The event takes place on October 31, starting 19:00.
• Another special Halloween event will be organized in Transylvania’s Hoia Baciu Forest this year, one of the freakiest places on earth (according to a ranking made by Movie Pilot). The event takes place on October 31 and on November 1, and includes childhood games, a Halloween costume contest, and horror movie screenings.
• The dinosaur park in Rasnov will also organize special Halloween events on October 31. Dino Parc will stay open between 10:00 and 24:00 on this day, the program including movie screenings and night walks among dinosaurs.
• Another special event, called Running from the Undead (Fuga de Strigoi), will take place in Mogosoaia Park near Bucharest. The event will take place on October 31.

You have plenty of time to decide where you will celebrate Halloween this year, So what are you waiting for? Search for the most terrifying costume and come in Transilvania!