Mountain Sports – Ski

In general, instructors believe that a child should have around 3-4 years old before they can learn, practice, experiment snow and get used to the equipment.

Ski schools usually accept children from 4-5 years old. By that age most of them have the physical strength to get ready and adjust. However, depending on each child and there are plenty of schools that have incorporated into their schedule a lesson for those under 3 years.

If you want to teach your child to ski alone, begin with a stage adaptation of ski boots. The more he will get in the snow, the better he will understands how to move on the slope and will also develop leg muscles. The youngest will get used with the texture of the snow and cold weather outside, the better.

The equipment for your child should include ski suit – jacket and waterproof trousers, insulating gloves, boots, and helmet – all found in specialized shops. The equipment shall be thermally insulated to ensure breathability and waterproofing.

For the first experience, it’s recommended to have an individual instructor. With his total attention, the child gains confidence because it comes right from the start. In the next stage, however, the ski school will make your child to be better, it will develop the spirit of competition (in a good way), and will give a sense of belonging.

When you go on vacation to a ski resort you should not leave the baby with the grandmother; Instead, you can search for specific services for children – many included tubing and skating.

If your children want to experiment winter sports, you can begin to inquire in advance what programs Ski Junior exist in the area – trainers know how to make lessons fun for your child and the training group will encourage him to persevere.

The benefits of this winter sport:

• In a world threatened by inactivity and technology, here comes exercise and health because during winter sports season you have the perfect solution to make outdoors exercise. Skiing develop muscles, balance, bones and immune system.
• Develop confidence. Your child begins to believe in himself and his abilities more because it will project confidence on the part daily activities.
• First, the small one will learn from an instructor, then with other children and later on, when he master this sport, he feels the game and competition to be used in his benefit in all aspects of life.
• Skiing teaches children the spirit of discipline in their benefit: to be balanced, to have reflexes at the right time.
• Skiing means social and emotional experiences