Our Hotels – The best in town

Twenty years ago, Complex Ambient was born. So the story begins..

Ambient Hotel was created so that you, our guest, can spend wonderful days enjoying an exclusive ambiance, present in every detail, from the generous accommodation spaces of our 71 rooms, to the exquisite cuisine of our restaurant and the welcoming smile of our staff, ready to serve you and make you feel at home.

The central location of our hotel makes it a “hot spot” for business travelers, who can find here the comfort they are searching as well as all the necessary facilities needed on a business trip.

Our desire to improve and make things better for our tourists made us came up with a new concept, Guest House Ambient.

Our 23 accommodation units will make you relish every single minute of your stay with their classical design and modern amenities that come together as an unforgettable experience for you.

Here is where you will find only high quality services, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a beautiful day be it in our breakfast lounge or our lovely courtyard terrace. Moreover, the old fashioned hospitality and warmth of the interior design will create an irresistible homey atmosphere that will definitely make you come back for more.

Another location that was made in the benefit of our tourist is Residence Ambient
Why choose the same unit?

Because it is exactly what it must be: it has a central location, rated with 3 stars, 25 rooms with the most beautiful view and good price.

We put at your disposal a lounge as well as a cooking area, where you can prepare a delicious breakfast while admiring the beautiful panoramic views of Mount Tâmpa that will surely warm your hearts.

Nothing compares with an authentic Saxon area; Ambient Hotels has expanded, bringing new settlements in places full of history.

The 5 star holiday villa is located in the centre of Cristian village, have been restored from an Old Saxon villa built 2 centuries ago. Now it can comfortably accommodate 12 persons, offering all the conveniences of a full service hotel.

The painted old-style furniture, the warm colors, the fireplace, the cellar are just a few of the many “extras” that will feast your eye and soul once you are here. But because we live in the 21st century, we have included here all the details that will make you feel still anchored in the present days such as, indoor swimming pool, game room, Internet, Jacuzzi and fully equipped kitchen.

Also here you can find a luxurious vintage design of the 13 rooms or the traditional cuisine together with the complete facility package of TODAY (children playground, indoor swimming pool, sports field, garden pond, outdoor BBQ kitchen area) will introduce you to a whole new world of vacation comfort! Far from the crowds of civilization, far from the busy city traffic, but close to nature, fresh air and at the same time with all the modern facilities at hand.
Could you wish for more?

Last but not least, we present you our new location of events Resort Ambient.
The Edelweiss Saloon fills your heart with joy and has room for 210 people, offering selected dishes for all tastes in the A la Carte or Ceremonial Restaurant. Here we will be waiting, dear guests, to enjoy every step of the happy encounter of long ago times with those that are only now emerging.

The star is, without a doubt, the fancy pavilion ceremony, which reveals shyly at the end of a footpath, like a hidden pearl and insecure of its own beauty. Closed shades of wood and wrought iron, the simplicity of shapes and the architectural glamor becomes fresh and alive in the cruel green sea that surrounds it.

With such a variety in choice, you can join us!