Junii Brașovului

Every year, in Șcheii Brașovului, on the first Sunday after Easter, the locals and tourists assist to „ride of the parade“ as a unique event, a traditional pageant with elements of myth, but also Christian ceremonial, mythical-religious-specific for the Romanian nation.

The celebration starts early in the morning, at around 11.00AM, with a parade on horses and a numerous young gathering: Junii Tineri, Junii Curcani, Junii Batrani, Junii Dorobanti, Junii Albiori, Junii Rosiori si Junii Brasoveni. Following this route, Muresenilor Street– Eroilor Bulevard – Republic Street –The Central Square (Brasov), junii salute the crowd of the most beautiful city, Brasov. Specific groups dressed with costumes and flags are also marching.

After marching through the city, junii will make their last stop at Solomon’s Stones, for competition and for a real party. The most important test is throwing the mace, where only the strongest and experienced ones participate.

Brasov celebration takes place with thousands of people that took to the streets joined by their children to see the parade of dozens of horses. Parade takes about 20 minutes from first to last decorated horse, during which thousands of people watch it and cheering.

Passing men riding their horse are shouting „Christ is raised!“ And the crowd responded in chorus „Truly Risen!“

The members of each specific band wear costumes, handmade by grandmothers, mothers, wives and sisters, most of them older than one hundred years and passed away from generation to generation. Originally, this specific Sunday after Easter is also an expression of historical facts: during the Austro-Hungarian – Junii, which is the only Romanian community in Brasov that was allowed to enter the city on horseback in one day of the year. Banned by the communist regime in 1949, by a decree signed by Ana Pauker, parade resumed in 1967, when Ceausescu allowed this after being welcomed with bread and salt by a group of Juni when he visit Brasov.

By Solomon’s Stones – which are actually some impressive cliffs, both by size and by their wild beauty – is a long way but it’s worth it: a thin river crosses the glade and there you can find some decorated wooden kiosks and picnic benches. The day of celebration for Juni there are dozens of tents, meat on barbecues and other traditional goodies.

This year’s festival will be held on April 18. We are waiting you to take part in this unique event held annually.