Golden Stag – the comeback in the Centenary of United Romania

Golden Stag is a very popular event became a tradition that takes place in Brașov, outdoors, in the Council Square. It is a show-contest which promote talented artists from Romania and abroad. The first festival was held 41 years ago in 1968.

Golden Stag first edition was in 1968 when the Romanian Government’s willingness was to demonstrate that Romania is a open country. The festival was originally conceived as a copy of the famous San Remo. The first edition was held from March 5 to 10 at the Dramatic Theatre and the organizers were the Romanian Television. The competition involves 28 artists and live performances were supported by 15 artists.

In 1970, the third edition of the festival from Brasov was transmitted by 30 television stations around the world. In 1971 it takes place the fourth edition of the Golden Stag Festival, last of the communist era. In 1992 it takes place the fifth edition of the Festival. It lies in Brasov, this time in the Council Square, from June 24 to 28. It was built for the Golden Stag an outdoor room with a capacity of 5000 seats. In 1994 the number of spectators has grown to 7000 spectators.

After an absence of nine years, the festival Golden Stag returns with a new edition. It is dedicated to the Romanian Centenary and it will take place in Brașov, from 29 August to 2 September 2018. This year, the festival will be a anniversary gala, two days of competition and a Centenary Gala, where traditional folk music will combine with the modern one. The festival will start on August 29 and it will be attended by winners of previous editions. The show will be completed with archived images from Romanian Television, from previous editions of the festival.

The next two evenings will be dedicated to the competition, which will be a very complex one. The fourth evening of the festival will be a gala where the winners will be awarded. Golden Stag festival will end up on September 2 and will keep the theme of traditional folk music, but reinterpreted in a modern manner.
For these events and more, the Ambient team is waiting for you in Brașov, to enjoy together the festivals!