Outdoor Activities Poiana Brașov

Poiana Brasov is approximately 8 km from Brasov and 10 km from the city Rasnov which makes it easy to be accessible on both routes. The resort lies at an altitude of 1020 meters surrounded by four massifs: Postavarul (1,799 m), Piatra Craiului (2,238 m), Bucegi (2505 m) and Piatra Mare (1,848 m). Poiana Brasov is a resort situated at the beginning of Postavaru Mountain, also the snow remains on the ground 4-5 months a year which makes the best in Romania. In Poiana we can ride 12 ski slopes with different degrees of difficulty (parts Olympic three slopes for slalom, a slope for slalom particular, two trampolines). So if you are uninitiated in winter sports you can choose from Bradul, Stadion and Drumul Roșu. And if you come in Poiana with extensive experience in winter sports, you have Wolf slope, slope Ruiului 1.2, slope and Subteleferic Slalom.

Also you can find many rental shops, ski equipment or snowboard in Poiana Brasov.
If you are looking for lower prices, you can have the shop located in the center. Their drawback is that they are located quite far from the slopes. Prices for renting ski equipment are between 40 and 50 RON / day / person. If you are snowboard fans, entertainment cost is slightly peppery. Renting for a day is between 50 and 60 RON / person.

Winter sports – most fans are skiing and snowboarding. But if you are interested in enjoying a more relaxing activity, our recommendation is skating. Poiana Brasov has an ice skating rink which is very close to snacks and refreshments or this season.

If you want to go on one of the slopes Kanzel, Sulinar, Drumul Rosu, Subteleferic, Ruia and Lupu, you can take Kanzel cable car near Edelweiss Hotel or cable car near the slope Bradu. Near Edelweiss is also Postăvarul Express gondola that takes you to one of the Sulinar, Drumul Rosu, Subteleferic, Ruia and Lupu slopes. – 20 RON is the approximate price of a single adult and for a child under 12 years is about 10 RON.

All that remains to do is to properly pack and go along. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and join winter sports on any slopes in Poiana. Let us care about your sleep and luggage at one of our locations in Brasov or Cristian. Ambient Hotels is waiting for a new winter season and of course, it’s waiting for you!